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Photography | Video | Animation | Illustration

Audiovisual services and styles adapted to the requirements of your brand

Photography Production

Event Photography
Wedding photography
Fashion photography
Product photography
Gastronomic Photography
Photography of Spaces
Still Photo Shootings
Corporate portrait
Photography for Social Networks
Lifestyle Photography
Concert Photography

Video production

Production design
Corporate video
Event Video
Advertising Video
Product Video
Gastronomy video
Videos to show Spaces
Videos for social networks
Animations and degrees

Multimedia outsourcing services

Many agencies need to collaborate with audiovisual professionals and perfectly control the final product to be able to exercise competitively.

At DSMK we can make commercial agreements with advertising and communication agencies so that they can offer our multimedia services as their own in white label format. In this way you can guarantee the service to your customers and you will not have to worry about the continuous adaptation of budgets and quality.

Mobile study

If necessary we can take the study to your business to streamline the process and save on logistics


We have full availability both geographically and hourly for the work requirement.

Fast delivery

Fast delivery. We adapt to your needs to meet deadlines

Adequate resolution

Images in high resolution for printing and low resolution for social networks and the internet. No watermarks. Videos optimized for streaming platforms and networks.

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