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CRM and ERP, is the acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning (systems for planning business resources) and Customer Relationship Management (system for managing relationships with customers).

Sistemas para gestionar la producción, logística, distribución, inventario, envíos, facturas, clientes, recursos humanos, calidad y la contabilidad de la empresa en una sola base de datos. En esencia, podemos entenderlos como sistemas de gestión integral de los recursos de una empresa.

You can have the typical tasks of any activity covered and have business intelligence when making decisions and structuring both commercial work and production.

Sistema fácilmente adaptable a clientes con necesidades propias.


Track leads and easily track their progress. Attach files, convert leads to customers, automatically import leads from email, create proposals, leave notes ...


Create a budget in a minute, send it and follow the status of it. Possibility of automatically converting the estimate to an invoice after the client accepts it. Forget about numbering. You can store quote templates, copy quotes from another client, or retrieve items and services directly.

Tasks and reminders

Assign tasks to multiple employees, add task trackers, allowable task comments, task attachments. Set reminders for the system to notify you of important things.


Create professional, great-looking invoices. Attach files and send them directly to your clients, including the PDF of the invoice. Invoice with different taxes depending on the item or service. Create recurring invoices that will be automatically regenerated according to your configuration (every X months, for example). Keep control of the numbering and instant access to the account status with your clients.


Manage and invoice projects with the powerful project management feature. Track expenses and time spent on tasks and invoice your clients. Ability to assign multiple staff members on task and track time logged by the assigned project member


Create professional PDF documents in a minute and send them to your clients through the built-in contract submission feature. Ability to send reminders to customers before contracts expire.

Customer support

Great support ticket system with automatic response. Private notes from ticket staff, ticket assignments, attachments, predefined ticket responses, insert knowledge base link, ticket priorities, ticket statuses, etc.


Record the company's expenses. Set up a recurring expense and the expense will be created automatically after the specified period. The time period can be days, weeks, months, or years. Ability to establish billable expenses to clients or projects.


Send and manage Emails from the application itself and go to the customer's file to easily rescue all past interactions.


Manage vacations, payroll, and work times for your employees.

Products / Services

Keep a catalog of products and services to make it easier for you to make estimates, contracts and invoices.

Payment gateway

Allow your customers to pay you by card both in money and in cryptocurrencies.

Time manager

Keep track of the time you spend on each task, knowing exactly how much time you spend on a project and get reports that allow you to know the real performance of your time.

Automated reports

Get immediate data on sales, billing, expenses, opportunities, project performance or everything that allows you to make better decisions.

CRM / ERP for SMEs

Inventory management
Reading and sending emails from the system
Purchase management
Recruiting system
Management of commercial commissions
Sales channel integration
Staff workload management
Call log
Appointment management

And much more...

* The modules presented on this page are only an example of the management possibilities offered by this type of systems, being able to adapt functionalities and integrations with other systems on demand.

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Always have at hand all the data related to your activity

The flexibility of these systems allows you to design workflows for the company that minimize errors and maximize productivity.

The possibility of creating specific modules for each company makes the limit of how far we want to manage, automate and monitor only depends on our imagination.

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