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We help you in your strategy making your systems complement each other


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A business project is a web project

If you are raising a business project you are planning a web project

With extensive experience in open source systemsWe are committed to their ease of use and scalability. For us it is very important that you have the ability to access all the code on your page and have systems that are not obsolete and are easily updated.

As each project is different, we look for the open source solution that best suits your needs and we configure and adapt it so that you have a robust system.

As the systems we implement are so that you can self-manage them, we include face-to-face training in your company, which all workers or administrators can attend and where we will teach you how to use and take advantage of all the tools implemented.

We can offer you the security and content maintenance service of your website


In the age of the internet and social networks, having your own domain and a space to host and disseminate your projects, ideas and services and skills is a general need.

Our professional websites are spaces to centralize all the information related to your business, connected to social networks and with the ability to implement any functionality you need.

If you are proposing a business project, you are proposing a web project.


Depending on the number of products and their variables, we adapt Opensource online store systems and configure them so that the navigability and visibility of your products facilitate the purchase.

We have extensive experience in the systems we implement and in the administrative management of a store. We not only take into account the future shopping experience, but also the part of the back room where stock management, promotions, product variations and billing are carried out ...


Your projects include your own domain and hosting on our servers for a year.

You will have access to your control panel to manage your email accounts, files and databases, as well as extra functionalities such as backup copies of your website, redirects, antivirus scans, subdomains, ftp, etc.

We can adapt your hosting plan to your needs and expand or reduce it if necessary, so that you only pay for what you need.


CRM and ERP, are the abbreviations of Enterprise Resource Planning, (systems for planning business resources). and Customer Relationship Management (system to manage the relationship with customers)

They typically handle production, logistics, distribution, inventory, shipping, invoices, customers, human resources, quality, and company accounting in a single database. In essence, we can understand them as comprehensive management systems for a company's resources.

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