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If you are not in the virtual world you are not in the real world


Social Networks | Organic Positioning | Online Campaigns

Facebook, Twitter, Google My business, Instagram, LinkedIn… Don't you have time for everything?

We maintain your social activity, creating attractive publications that make your products and services known and maintain a natural cadence and a quick response. We channel opportunities and communication with your community so that you can provide the best service.

We manage the organic positioning of your website both at the hosting level with tools on your site's server and at the CMS level to personally complete the organic positioning criteria.

We also manage Adwords and Analytics to improve your visits and conversions.

If all this sounds like Chinese to you but you want position yourself and sell, you can contract with us a positioning plan adapted to your needs.


Communicating in a natural, dynamic and direct way with our clients has become necessary, since social networks grow day by day in their use and clients seek to see the reality of their suppliers through these means.

Maintaining a relatively continuous activity offers not only an image towards them, but also a great opportunity for the company to acquire new opportunities.

We offer a comprehensive service so that you can take advantage of these channels without worrying about managing them.


We activate campaigns in digital and traditional media to offer you the best solutions to meet your brand objectives, including social media advertising, native, programmatic advertising, premium mobile distribution, etc.

We guarantee that all your selected content is properly amplified and monitored.

Our internal reporting software allows us to actively generate and leverage information in real time to correct your strategy and provide you with optimal results.


Search engine optimization should be based on an informed strategy based and with good practices.

We like to start by knowing your business, your online presence and your ideal client to be able to carry out a complete and in-depth analysis of your website and the market where we want to compete.

Maintaining a strong online presence takes a lot of work and a search engine optimization strategy is no different. We will cooperate with your teams, communicate frequently, and present you with a personalized strategy linked to your business KPIs.

Agencia de Redes Sociales DSMK

Strategic solutions combining creative content and analytics for a positive ROI

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